Brooklyn Gin & Soda Product Image

This is not
a spiked seltzer

We believe that canned cocktails can be great tasting. Using Brooklyn Gin, a squeeze of fruit juice, and topping off with crisp sparkling water - you get a cocktail just like your favorite bartender would make.

Award Winning Gin

Award-Winning Gin

Our cocktails use Brooklyn Gin for fresher, more vibrant flavors.

Juice squeezed From Fresh Fruit

Juice Squeezed From Fresh Fruit

We use real fruit juice - no artificial ingredients or additives.

Crisper Carbonation

Crisper Carbonation

Strong carbonation like you’d find at your favorite cocktail bar — for a crisper and more refreshing drink every time.

Brooklyn Gin Cucumber, Lime & soda

Only 90-100 Calories

No added sugar — and it’s all gluten-free.

Brooklyn Gin & Soda

Brooklyn Gin Lavender
Lemon & Soda

Fresh & floral. Brooklyn Gin has a hint of crisp lavender which pairs excellently with lemon.

Brooklyn Gin Hibiscus Pear & Soda

Brooklyn Gin Hibiscus
Pear & Soda

Juicy, tangy, and a little sweet. A perfectly balanced sip inspired by one of our favorite punch recipes.

Brooklyn Gin Lime & Soda

Brooklyn Gin
Lime & Soda

Crisp & refreshing. We love Gin Rickeys with Brooklyn Gin and fresh lime, topped with soda.

Brooklyn Gin Cucumber Lime & Soda

Brooklyn Gin Cucumber
Lime & Soda

Fresh, clean, and crisp. What’s more refreshing than Brooklyn Gin, cucumber and lime?