Fresh ingredients with old school techniques

Brooklyn Gin was created to bring a fresh, vibrant flavor to elevate your favorite cocktail. We use fresh citrus, hand crushed juniper berries and oldschool production techniques for the freshest tasting gin. It takes a little more time and effort, but we believe you can taste the difference in every sip.

Awards and Accolades

...up in New York, Brooklyn Gin distills its clear stuff with all the reverence of a single-malt scotch. The result is an 80-proof argument for drinking gin neat–something you’d never do with a tongue-melting London dry.
It mixes well in cocktails and mixed drinks, and flavor-wise I think it’s an incredibly accessible gin that walks the line between both worlds of gin, sure enough to probably not be far enough to either side to win over the purists, but moderate enough to win over the masses. Well made and recommended
No doubt, 5 out of 5 stars! This is a truly amazing gin in a classic way. Nothing that take too much space, just a classic London Dry Gin with lots of flavours in perfect harmony.