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Brooklyn Gin Martini

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  • Brooklyn Gin Martini
  • Brooklyn Gin Martini

Did you know?

For the full Brooklyn Gin experience, we garnish our martini with a fresh kumquat. The sweetness in the peels and the tartness of the orange flesh means you can eat the whole garnish and savor the contrast. We use this little citrus in our distillation, and dropping one in our glass adds just the proper amount of brightness and color.


2 ¼ oz Brooklyn Gin
¾ oz dry vermouth (we love Dolin dry in our martinis)
1 dash orange bitters

Stir with ice in a mixing glass, and serve in a champagne coupe or cocktail glass with a thin peel of lemon twisted over the glass. Or, if you prefer a bit of dirtiness to your martini, add a slice of salt-preserved lemon.

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